Sunday, October 5, 2008

MEOW Gets Ready For Halloween

Meow Cosmetics announces yet another collection of fabulous colors - the Halloween collection! Six eye colors return from previous spooky nights, and of course, lucky 13 new eye colors have been introduced. These colors are described by Meow as follows:

We have tried our best to photograph these unusual shadows, but the internet just doesn't allow us to accurately display the iridescent fire and complex auras these Halloween shadows display in person. They actually seem to glow after application, creating a haunted halo of unexpected colors. They remind us of a crystal ball in that way...every time you gaze at them, you just may see something new and unexpected! So gaze deeply and tell us....which ones does your future hold?

These sound like a fabulously interesting bunch, and if you're like me and can't resist unusual mica interference, fun glimmers of colors, and lots of sheen, you're probably going to love these... I know I ordered some samples ($1 each as usual) as soon as I discovered this collection had been released.

But probably the most interesting part of the Halloween collection is the set of six new foundation colors. Since Meow already offers 84 different foundation shades, I wondered what on earth they could be cooking up now. Well, if you check out the last row of colors in the photo above, the secret is revealed.... it's a collection of werewolf browns, witchy greens, ghastly whites, and other spooky colors! This is probably the first brand of mineral Halloween makeup I have heard of, and I think it's a great idea - for those of you dressing up this Halloween, these are a great alternative to those nasty wax crayons and gloppy face paints usually offered at Halloween. So, you can give your skin a break this Halloween and finally let it breathe!

But, Meow asks you to hurry! These limited edition shades will vanish without a trace at the stroke of midnight, all Hallows Eve, October 31.

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