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PRODUCT REVIEW: Aromaleigh Ultra Resolution Finishing Powder

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Every now and then I come across a product that impresses me so much I feel like I have to shout that fact off the rooftops - a product that is not only a really cool concept, but actually works exactly the way it says it will.

Aromaleigh's Ultra Resolution Finishing Powder is one of those amazing products - and so I have selected it as the product that gets the inaugural review in my blog.

As someone who is always searching for that perfect, poreless, matte magazine-ad face, I have tried many foundations and many face powders - especially powders, since when I was younger I could get away with wearing just powder, no foundation. Nowadays, I want my powders to give that matte but not cakey finish, a poreless and airbrushed look, AND I want them to sop up the oil that occurs in my T-zone as a result of living in a hot, humid Southern state. In other words, I expect a LOT from my powder!

Apparently, so does everyone else - more and more companies are releasing makeup that is designed especially for high-definition photography, television and movies. This new media reveals every single flaw, so covering these little things becomes a major undertaking. CARGO, for instance, has a high-definition line out (available at Sephora). In addition, the cult fave company Make Up For Ever, known for its lasting performance makeup, released HD Microfinish Powder - a colorless, for-all-skin-tones 100% mineral silica powder promising to completely perfect the skin for high definition applications. People raved about it, and I desired it - but couldn't quite bring myself to pay $30 for just 0.35 oz of powder.

While I was trying to decide, I stumbled across Aromaleigh's website and saw their Ultra Resolution Finishing Powder. This powder is offered in the same 100% silica clear formula as MUFE's, but it is also available it a "translucent" beige-y shade that may work better for those with ethnic skin tones. If that isn't enough, it is available in "Peaches and Cream" (a peachy pink shade) and "English Rose" (a sheer dusty rose color) - these promise to add just the faintest hint of color to your complexion.

Because Aromaleigh offers sample baggies of all of these for $2.20 each, I jumped on the opportunity to try three of these luscious little powders - Clear, Peaches and Cream, and English Rose (I skipped the "translucent" since I'm pretty light-skinned). When my samples arrived, I discovered each baggie had enough product in it to do my face at least five times, maybe more. I immediately tried the clear... using a large powder dome brush, I took some powder up, wondered if I actually got any since the powder is really, truly clear and doesn't show up on the brush too much, and dusted my T-zone.....

POOF! Pores disappeared, shine disappeared, other imperfections disappeared! I stared incredulously at a smooth, almost-magazine ad face in the mirror. I couldn't stop looking at how smooth and lovely my skin looked. And guess what! Around lunchtime, my skin still looked that way! I touched up a little bit on my forehead and the bridge of my nose, but I'm a perfectionist - I probably didn't even need to do that. This powder is, in one word, incredible - and I don't say that about just anything.

What about the colored ones? Well - they work just the same. They also produce that absolutely flawless finish. They also add a little color - not a lot, but just a teensy hint. Enough to brighten up your skin if you're feeling a little bit tired or "off," and I have found that both colors will work on just about any skin tone. I have skin that is on the warm side, and both the rose and peach look lovely.

These powders are incredible. Did I say that already?? I bought the full size in Clear already, and I use it almost every day. Complete, utter product love!

And what is most incredible is the price - this contains the exact same ingredient as the MUFE version, but it is only $13.75 for the full size, which is in a 20 gram jar. That holds about 0.5 oz (volume) and 0.2 oz (weight). If you compare that to $30 for 0.35 oz from MUFE -- well, you can see why I, the lover and blogger of all good beauty deals, love this product even more. Plus, Aromaleigh has weekly sales, and this often comes up for 25% off in one of those sales... so you can often get it for even less.

So, the moral of this review is -- Aromaleigh's Ultra Resolution Finishing Powder is TRULY AWESOME. GO GET IT!!!

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