Wednesday, September 17, 2008

MEOW Cosmetics Introduces Their Fall Colors


I don't know about everyone else, but I love the colors of fall. Yes, the foliage is incredible, but the makeup hues coming out this time of year are simply stunning. I've always loved deep olive greens, smoky browns, rich chocolate browns, burgundies, inky blues and purples - and I love the smoky looks you can make with them!

So I was obviously excited when my Meow Cosmetics newsletter arrived on Monday and it announced the launch of their Fall Palette -shown above. Looks pretty gorgeous to me!

The majority of the colors (the first seventeen above) are "IdealEyes" eye colors - in Meow-speak, that means they are pearlized, with some sparkle and a good amount of sheen (although the amount of each of those depends on the color). Looks like we've got gorgeous browns and burgundies, with a few interesting twists on both of these... as well as an on-trend deep navy called "Sabertooth" (second row, last eye shadow) and a super rich, inky blackish purple called "Heavy Petting" (third row down, third eye shadow from the left). Told you the color names could get interesting!

There is also one new CatEyes shadow called "Jynx. " The CatEyes line is Meow's matte line, and Jynx is a perfect dark charcoal color for creating those fall smoky eyes... it's up there in the picture too, the last swatch there on the bottom. Meow's mattes tend to be quite creamy and they apply smooth as butter, but it can take a bit of work to get the lighter colored ones to show up. However, I don't think that's going to be a problem at all with Jynx; looks like it's dripping with pigment and ready to play.

In addition, four new "Feliners" (loose mineral eye liners) have been created - including a bright white one that promises to be completely opaque. It's no small feat to get white minerals to be opaque, so some creative mixing probably went on here... but you can bet no nasty chemicals were added to this beautiful white kitty. Also making their debut are "Spaz," an olive/chocolate brown liner, "Kamikaze," which is a deep scarlet wine, and "Thunder," a pure black satin -- Meow's site describes Thunder as "Black. Black. Black. No undertones, nothing but....BLACK. Goes on creamy and smooth...for the Goth Diva in us all...."

Finally, Meow has introduced some new face colors as a part of the fall collection too. In order to balance out the deep, smoky sensuality of the eyes, the face colors are muted, soft, and girly pink. There are two Crystalline Cat all-over glow powders (Moonstone is pure pink and the other, Quartz, is a peachy pink), one Lush Blush (also in a pink hue), and - my must try of the face colors - one new Firefly blush in Illuminate (described as a caramel hue with cherry undertones, gold sparkle and gold sheen). The other Firefly blushes have been gorgeous - they are like a blush and highligher all in one - and I can't wait to try this one.

So, as you might guess.... I ordered samples of just about everything you see up there to review ;) As soon as I get them, I'll give you all the lowdown on these gorgeous deep colors.

However if you can't wait to get your paws on these, go ahead and slink over to Meow's Fall Palette page - all samples are $1, and full-size, packed-full 10 gram jars of eye shadows are $10.25. Blushes, face colors are priced as marked. However, you can save 10% on your entire order (even if your order consists of only samplees!!) if you use the coupon code CATSCANDYCORN - this code is only good until Sept. 18, though.

Above all, HAVE FUN!!!!!

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