Tuesday, September 16, 2008

One of Aromaleigh's "BIGGEST" Sales!!!

Ok, ladies, a quick late night blog, because I just had to tell someone about the sales going on over at Aromaleigh! Caution - these are HOT!
Aromaleigh, one of my favorite companies for eye shadow, is having some incredible sales on their eyeshadow color collections! Way back when AL started, the traditional "5 gram" loose eyeshadow jar was not available, so Kristen Bell began selling her gorgeous shadows in the larger 10 gram ones. As time went on, the 5 gram jars became available, and the newer shadow collections were packaged that way - thus leading to some products being in the 5's and others being sold in the 10's. However, now the company is transitioning completely to the 5 gram jars to be consistent. Perhaps that sounds a little sad, like you will be getting less when you buy - but true to form, Kristen is making it worth your while!!

She is now putting the 10 gram jars on sale, one collection every few days, for 50% OFF - that means you will get the gigantic 10 gram jars for about $4 each. This is unheard of - it is rare to find a 5 GRAM jar of shadow for $4, much less the big one!

Definitely head over there and have a look-see, as the colors are going quickly (because nobody can resist getting this crazy deal on their favorite colors). When you shop, make sure you check the dropdown menu for each collection - if the color you are interested in is NOT listed there, that means the 10 grammers are sold out in that shade. (It does not, however, mean the shade is gone for good - it will be returning almost immediately, just in the smaller packaging.)

Currently, this sale is going on for the Pure Eyes Frost collection, the Pure Eyes Matte collection, and the Carolina Summer Matte Collection. To show you how awesome these are, I am borrowing a few images from the Aromaleigh website (they are all Kristen's photography) to show you what the colors look like.....
The Pure Eyes Frost Collection
The Pure Eyes Matte Collection
The "Carolina Summer" Mattes
Remember, you will be getting a 10 gram jar size for just $4.13 - that's about the size of a Bare Escentuals shadow jar, but the color is much more intense. Happy shopping!!!!
**Oh, and remember to check out the coupons and deals page while you are at Aromaleigh; you can still use the coupon codes that are posted (a FREE eyeshadow, anyone??) with the sale prices!

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