Sunday, November 2, 2008 is having a Friends & Family Event!

Probably in order to compete with Sephora's Friends and Family Event, in which you can get a 20% discount on everything in your cart, is ALSO having this type of event this week!  From 12:01 am on Wednesday, November 5 to 11:59 pm Friday, November 7 you can get 20% your order!  The trick is to enter the site through a link in an email that was sent out to list subscribers - but if you're not a subscriber, that is no problem.  Since you're all my "friends and family," I'm providing my link to all of you to use: carries many of the same high end brands that Sephora does, and a few other interesting ones that aren't found at Sephora.  Plus, your cart is linked to your cart, so even though the discount doesn't apply to the drugstore stuff (I don't think) you can still stock up on all that extra stuff you might be needing at the same time.

Unfortunately, for some odd reason, NARS and Kooba products are not included in the sale at - HOWEVER, if you would like a NARS product, use code FF2008 when you check out at Sephora later this week and you can get your 20% discount there!  Tricky, tricky.

Happy shopping - start your holiday shopping early, but don't forget yourself!

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