Saturday, November 1, 2008

Aromaleigh Introduces "Bete Noire" Collection

In French, "bete noire"means "black beast" (or "dark beast"). Used in English, the phrase can refer to ideas, people, or things that cause fear or are particularly disliked.

For Aromaleigh's new Bete Noire eyeshadow collection, the "dark" part of that translation might be appropriate, as these shadows are deeply pigmented and many have smoky bases. However, the similarity stops there. In fact, these shadows will attract you quickly, you will fall in love with them, and you will purchase them without fear of anything (unless of course you are afraid of loving them too much and blowing your entire budget on full sizes of the entire collection!).

Aromaleigh's site includes the photograph up there to the right and describes these gorgeous new shadows as:

"Bête Noire is a collection of 13 multi-dimensional, dramatic, and truly unique, enigmatic shades that evoke every woman's hidden femme fatale... "

These shades are ultra-smooth, rich and highly pigmented. Photographs don't even start to capture the intensity and inter-play of the pigments, lowlights and highlights within these shades. These are incredibly complex, unique colors!

I am often impressed with new shadows, but it is rare that they stop me in my tracks and cause me to gasp audibly, but that is exactly what happened when I received my sample set of this collection today. I was immediately caught up in the spell they cast. The colors look amazingly rich in the baggies, but when I swatched them, I was speechless. These are a study in the unexpected.... rich colors that, when applied, reveal deep mysterious bases with a million contrasting sparks of color. Pinks and blues with browns, bronze in charcoal gray... unusual pairings that are strange yet absolutely perfect. While AL's last collection, the Eye Plushes, whisper, the Bete Noires sing complex melodies out loud.... but they never scream or sing off key.

The depth of these colors definitely makes them "big girl" colors - you will get attention when you wear them, and that makes them right up my alley. Even my makeup skeptic husband had to stare and coo over these colors!

To check out some swatches of these colors, check out this entry in Miss K's Aromaleigh blog. To look at the colors some more, read descriptions, and buy these beauties, go here. You can get a set of super generous samples of all of the colors for just $15.21 (and shipping is free if you only order sample sizes). AL's sample sizes last a long, long time, so this is an amazing deal! Of course, you can buy single samples, full size jars, and, if you want to dive right in, a complete set of full sizes. However you do it, just go for it - you will love them for the holidays.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely review! I just received my Bete Noire samples today, so I'll be playing with them tomorrow. I really enjoyed your write up on them.