Sunday, November 29, 2009

One More Deal...

Ok, this one is not necessarily a Cyber Monday deal, but it is a nice deal nonetheless - it's been published for a while but it is still working at this time (I used it myself, so I know it is functional).

For those on your gift list who love nail color, or perhaps for the YOU who loves nail color, Nubar is offering 15% off a purchase of $30 or more... just use code NP1530!  

Nubar nail lacquer is "Big 3 Free" [no toluene, no DBP (pthalate), no formaldehyde] and they have some really great colors - I'm wearing Wildlife from their Going Green collection right now, which is a funky olive green/gold/pink/copper duochrome.  In fact, Nubar is well-known for their beautiful duochrome polishes!  Of course, they do non-duo colors well too, and they really have a huge selection of colors.  They also have a large selection of nail, cuticle, and hand treatments to choose from, as well as a selection of nail art supplies (rhinestones, nail art pens, etc) if you or your giftee like that too.  One of the coolest things they do is to create sets from their collections that work for easy, perfect gifting - for example, one of their collections is, as I mentioned a second ago, the "Going Green" collection, and you can get all six colors in this collection (a mix of different greens, of course!) plus a basecoat and their famous Diamant top coat, all snuggled inside a clear acrylic case with a cute carrying handle (these sets are $49.95... all colors can be purchased individually for $7.49 each as well).

'Kay... just thought I'd toss that out there for you :)

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